ZDEEP warehouses from 2,500 m2

We offer you the most innovative, complete and functional warehouses in Guatemala, designed and built with the highest quality standards.

These include external offices, wide maneuvering areas, certified floors resistant to heavy loads, marked streets, services at the foot of the street, parking for cars, motorcycles, bicycles and trucks.

Obtain everything essential for your company to operate under the best conditions.

Areas adaptable to all types of industry.

We have the most complete supplies and services, being a key ally in the operation of your operation.


Each cellar has 10 High Bay 150w 20v luminaires.


Availability of capacity and voltage according to the specific need. The service is supported by the National Electric Power Commission.

Hydraulic Installations

Water connection for
each one of the wineries, with supply through their own wells.


Broadband internet through high-tech fiber optics.

Exclusive benefits

0% Income Tax. (10 years, new companies)

0% Import Customs Duties. (Temporary)

0% Value Added Tax. (Temporary)

0% Import and Export Rates of Machinery, Equipment, Supplies and Raw Materials.

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