ZDEEP land from 16,000 m2

We also have land for sale and rental in the ZDEEP area, so you can build the infrastructure that suits you best with all the economic and tax benefits that ZOLIC offers.

State-of-the-art technology with an extraordinary environment for business

We have stocked warehouses and land for what the industry requires.

Exclusive benefits

0% Income Tax. (10 years, new companies)

0% Import Customs Duties. (Temporary)

0% Value Added Tax. (Temporary)

0% Import and Export Rates of Machinery, Equipment, Supplies and Raw Materials.

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Land outside

Additionally, we have land outside the ZDEEP area, larger so that you can have the necessary infrastructure for your company to grow and benefit from belonging to Michatoya Pacífico.

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Expand the boundaries of your company.

Michatoya Pacífico, world-class Comprehensive Development Hub.