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Michatoya Pacífico is an integral complex, designed to be sustainable and provide pleasant and inspiring spaces both for the development of productive activities and for the development of an incomparable lifestyle, in which everyone will find spaces to feel at home anywhere. first world. To this end, hundreds of professionals and technicians have worked hard to build you, your partners, collaborators and their families, spaces with the best infrastructure standards, in the work areas, as well as in those of social coexistence. We work closely with our partners to determine the needs according to their plans and investment.

Michatoya Pacífico


Access controls with facial recognition CCTV system Monitoring Fire containment system Security service 24/7

Seguridad - Michatoya Pacífico
Administración - Michatoya Pacífico

Professional Administration

Cleaning and maintenance Gardening Garbage removal

Drinking water

Michatoya Pacífico has a water supply system through a battery of mechanical wells, connected by means of 6-inch diameter underground pipe circuits, with the capacity to supply customers with high water demands for their production. The amount of water connections to customers will be made according to their specific demands, being able to supply the necessary flows, up to the measurement point, leaving it ready for the end user to connect. The water supply will be able to cover demands up to 15 million liters/day per user.

Seguirdad - Michatoya Pacífico
Seguirdad - Michatoya Pacífico

Internet, wiring and telephony

Our Hub has the installation to connect connectivity services (dedicated business internet), with redundant quality through fiber optics. Connectivity services are offered in capacities from 20 Mbps to 100 Mbps, with high quality and competitive prices, leaving each client the ability to contract according to their requirements, for which the connection will be built leaving a registration box, connected to the central distribution node located in the entry control booth; A Nema box-type data cabinet and transformation medium will be left, ready for the client to implement its internal data distribution network.