Michatoya Pacifico is a reality that generates interest.

In mid-November, we received an important visit from 2 innovative, dynamic and leading companies in their market segments.

Samsung, dedicated to the manufacture and sale of electronic products, semi-conduction technology, digital convergence and telecommunications, among others.

Likewise, Alpha Motors, importer and distributor in Central America of vehicles manufactured in India, its flagship brand being Minidor Mega Tuk Tuk.

Both expressed their interest in settling in Michatoya Pacífico for each of the operational, logistical and fiscal benefits that our Special Public Development Zone – ZDEEP – offers in terms of growth, profitability and expansion of their businesses.

During his stay, each of the current and future aspects of Michatoya Pacífico was delved into, highlighting the contribution to the country, regarding economic development and job creation.

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